After the Summoning Wars

Session 15

Escape from Canistooth, and Handing Bee Over

  • Thomas, Bert, Bee, and Durgard dimension door away from the facility to the outskirts of the town. Bee returns to dwarven form.
  • They heal some of Durgard’s wounds, but he has a leg injury that make their movements slow.
  • Meanwhile, Newton, Captain John, and all the rest attempt to escape Canistooth now that the distraction was a success.
  • They turn down a major through-way and plow past some gnolls as they mobilize.
  • The group moves quickly and fights efficiently against some dire wolf-mounted gnolls before their pursuers can catch up.
  • They beat them back just in time to make it through a blockade that was rapidly being built.
  • They encounter further blockades, but Newton animates parts and directs them to attack.
  • Despite the resistance exiting the city, the group manages to escape without casualties.
  • They find the other party members with Durgard and assist them in getting him to the damaged watchtower outside of town. They wait for the remaining ranger/freemen to rendevouz.
  • Bert and the others speak with Durgard. He wants to go to the Elbis Mines, but Captain John refuses, so Bert convinces him to join them to Kordia.
  • They learn that he became tired of developing for the Iron Kingdom, so he fled to the Freelands to start a new life.
  • He was captured by the Great Leader’s force, but his escort was killed by these rogue gnolls and he was held prisoner in Canistooth.
  • He doesn’t argue with the plan to let Bee be captured in his place.
  • Most of the rangers and freemen arrive shortly after the main force, but two are still missing.
  • Thomas produces the crystal ball they’ve been carrying for some time, and Kelly attempts to scry on one of them.
  • The crystal ball reveals that the two are together, and one is carrying a badly injured human child.
  • They are desperately trying to escape pursuers, and it’s clear they’re still deep in the city.
  • After some deliberation, and with heavy hearts, the group decides to leave them to their fate, as the resistance in Canistooth has become too great, and they can’t afford to stay any longer.
  • Thomas sends a feather token with the message that they’re leaving, but will try to wait at the crossroads.
  • They scry once again, only to see the two (and the child) become captured and beaten by the gnolls.
  • The group travels into the evening, to the crossroads, where a small group moves ahead to meet with the person the hobgoblins said could disguise them.
  • They party arrives to discover that it’s Meerkin.
  • He doesn’t seem to recognize them at first, but slowly realizes who they are.
  • As Thomas continues to hide, Meerkin intimates that he’s glad they managed to dump Thomas, since he was only trouble.
  • He also claims that Thomas came to get Mystique the other day to take him to Myria.
  • The party questioned him about exactly what happened, as obviously Thomas didn’t do that, but Meerkin didn’t seem to care much, and as such didn’t learn much more information.
  • The whole group makes camp for the night, and they take the chance to chat.
    • Despite Benjamin’s bad blood with Jenny, he refuses to divulge further information about her to Newton, instead being more hostile.
    • Captain John speaks quietly with Newton and Bert about the fact that Thomas is not human, revealing that he’s been treating him with suspicion since he confessed to being elf-kin.
    • Meerkin mocks Bert for being a bard, but Bert embarrasses him with a masterful tale about a kobold transmuter losing his powers due to his hubris.
    • Jenny listens to Thomas’ stories of his childhood, but doesn’t reciprocate.
  • The group sets out on the long journey to the Kordian border.
  • They encounter a patrol, but Meerkin’s veil, and Bert’s bluffing convince them to leave.
  • Next, they pass a town that’s recently been destroyed. Thomas notes some huge constructs and a humanoid of unkown race piling corpses in the center of town.
  • They don’t intervene, but they dislike the implications.
  • The next day, they encounter a large force off hobgoblins and others. While they mostly avoid it, they are confronted by a belligerent officer.
  • They realize that the officer dislikes them for apparently being of the “Greenwell clan” (Meerkin provided that along with the illusion).
  • The officer leaves, but first asks about any activity in the city they passed. When Bert mentions the constructs and the stacked corpses, the officer seems upset, saying “not that again!”
  • The group continues to travel, noticing all the way that they’re being screened by horsemen and flying scouts.
  • They arrive at their destination and discuss the handoff. Meerkin leaves after providing one more casting of veil.
  • The party takes Bee, disguised as Durgard, to the heart of the city while the rest move South to prepare for their escape. Bert plans to dimension door the party to them if necessary.
  • The party enters the seemingly deserted city, though they catch glimpses of hobgoblins watching them from some of the damaged buildings.
  • At the center of town, they encounter a goblin blue. It hands a vest to Bee to wear.
  • Bert refuses to put it on him until the watching hobgoblins leave. The blue obliges and they exit the buildings and walk away.
  • They put the vest on Bee, and Bee follows the Blue before they can figure out what’s going on.
  • Surprised by this exchange, the party walks to the rest of the group, who are surrounded by hobgoblins.
  • Fully expecting a fight, they being running toward Kordia. The hobgoblins fall back, though.
  • Not long later, they discover why: a force of 400+ Kordians is marching to the ruined city.
  • Bert manages to dispel Meerkin’s veil effect, and Captain John greets the Kordians. The group is safe.
  • Captain John speaks with the party about how to save Bee if he’s unable to escape (they forgot to give him the bag of alchemical items he needed for his escape).
  • The party decides to travel back North with the Kordians. They’ll watch Bee via scrying.
  • Despite Benjamin’s initial protests, Jenny remains with the party, claiming his plan to return her to Roche would be bad if the Iron Kingdom invaded it. It’s unclear what she meant by that.


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