Air-themed druid from Haven. She is mother figure to Thomas.


This female true elf has long, straight, platinum blonde hair with an almost translucent effect that she lets flow freely behind her. She wears a long, white, shear-thin dress that is cut below her shoulders. Her skin is as pale as porcelain, with rosy highlights on her cheeks, eyelids, shoulders and breasts, the classic beauty of a true elf. Her features are soft and kind, though also with an air of sadness. She appears young, though her elf heritage makes her age difficult to guess. She wears fine jewelry, particularly a silver pendant with a diamond inset resting on her breasts. She carries a white-ash quarterstaff. She is often accompanied by a huge air elemental, barely visible as a patch of moving air.


Aulara is one of the three handmaidens of Mother Llewellyn, along with Fierna and Terra. She has become the caretaker of the considerable population of rescued orphans in Haven, as well as their teacher.

First Encountered: Session 13 when she rescued the party from Fierna’s wrath and told Thomas that he could not return to Haven until he ended the curse on him and Newton.


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