Benjamin Krysa



This man is fairly short and thick and appears to be in his early forties, which leads to surprise when he moves with great speed and agility. His face is ferret-like, with buck teeth and dark, beady eyes. He has bushy black hair, though it’s thinning at the top. He does not take particular care to groom himself, as his hair is wild and he constantly sports a shabby five-o-clock shadow. He wears grimy studded leather armor and wields a finely crafted longbow and kukri.


First Encountered: Session 14, when he verbally bashed Jenny, and joined the party and others to rescue the dwarf Creben Durgard from Canistooth.

He’s the half-brother to Jenny Krysa and associate to Captain John Thorn. Unlike Jenny, he is not a lycanthrope of any sort.

In Session 20 it was revealed that he left Captain John’s employ before they were ambushed near Swellburg

Benjamin Krysa

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