Bishop Davis

Pelorian nobility that was in league with the Arcane Empire prior to the Illithid Invasion


This man has the healthy, rotund body afforded to him by the opulence of nobility. His blond hair is kept in a tight ponytail, and extends down the side of his face into impressive muttonchops. He appears to be somewhere in his forties, though it’s well known that he pays well for reguvinating herbs and treatments, so he’s likely older than he appears. He wears noble robes, with displays of both his family heraldry and symbols of his position within the church hierarchy. He carries a golden scepter and wears fine jewelry, with a golden signet ring being of particular note. He is regularly accompanied by his armed escort, though it’s not unusual for him to be flanked by other members of the nobility and/or church as well.


Bishop Davis’s position within the Peloran church in Peloria is largely due to his noble position, rather than his priestly prowess. His ties to the Arcane Empire are not entirely subtle, and he has gained further standing since the Arcane Empire has earned some access into Pelorian lands since the Minor Illithid Invasion.

First Encounter: Before Session 1

Bishop Davis

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