The Warden of the slave island that turned humans into bugbears


This woman appears to be in her forties. She keeps her hair immaculately trimmed blonde above shoulder length and brushed straight, without a single grey hair in sight. Her posture is the textbook definition of a proper lady’s position. She dresses her thin frame in a modest blouse buttoned all the way up to her neck and a knee-length skirt, every bit perfectly wrinkle-free and clean. She has cold, pale blue eyes and thin, pursed lips.


She has been introduced to the party as the Warden Calhoon of the slave prison of Le Isla Muerte. Her disregard for human life and obsessive bureaucratic activities, even in the face of furious opposition from the party are notable, though her lack of fear was likely due largely to the invisible protective barrier and unknown escape plan.

First Encounter: Session 9, during which she tried to negotiate with the party after they stormed her slave prison. When they refused, she slipped away while they weren’t around. She has not been seen since. Before leaving, though, she provided information for Bee about some of the people who may have been involved in his strange transformations, including Doctor Rodgers.


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