Captain John Thorn

Gruff, no-nonsense military man. He prefers combat over bureaucracy .


He is a human male in his mid-30s. He has short, brown hair, a thick, but short beard (he’s clean shaven when he knows he’ll be in official or noble company), and hazel eyes. He has burn marks on the back of both his hands (though they are usually covered by his thin, black gloves), and his face is pockmarked from a life of dirty work. He has a tanned complexion, though his natural skin color is difficult to discern beneath his clothing. He regularly wears his Pelorian Rangers uniform: Earth colored and grimy fabrics with a chain shirt topped with a tunic decorated with a faded symbol of Pelor across the chest. He carries a powerful looking longbow on his back and a longsword on his hip. He keeps a pouch around his waist and carries a small backpack.


Captain John Thorn is the commanding officer of Alpha Company of the Pelorian 3rd Ranger Battalion, also known as the Goblin Slayers. He proved himself during the Minor Illithid Invasion of Peloria, mostly destroying goblin defenses in the Luminous Mountains North of Roche.

First Encounter: Session 1, outside of the Illithid Portal in the Luminous Mountains.

Other Encounters:
- Remained with party when freeing Bee from Fericault City
- Fought against orcs in forests to the South-West of Fericault City
- Helped the party get to Roche against Commander Locke’s wishes
- Encountered again (Session 13) in the halfling town, Bregerdegg, in the Freelands
- Led the rescue/capture of the dwarf weapons specialist, Creben Durgard, from the gnoll city Canistooth.
- Reunited with the party in Session 20 aboard the Vertragus after his team was ambushed and badly beaten outside of Swellburg

Interesting facts:
- Was once Lady/Major Tanya Moreau’s stable boy when they were both children

Captain John Thorn

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