Dean and Carlos Halsmith

Nearly identical brothers in serving with Commander Caras aboard the Airship Vertragus


The two men appear to be twins, and it’s unclear which one is which. They would be identical if not for the scar near the left eye of one of them, and the hint of stubble on the other. They both have short, black hair and broad faces. Much like Commander Tala Caras, their skin is dark and they appear quite powerful. They both wield a short bow, but the scarred one carries a greataxe, while the stubbly brother wields a greatsword. They both wear a crimson breastplate adorned across the breast with a black silhouette of a dragon clutching scrolls in its left claw, and a spear in the right; the symbol of the Arcane Empire. On either side of the dragon, a pegasus rears up, with crowns upon their heads. One stands on the sun, and the other an the crescent moon.


First Encountered: Session 19 when they and Commander Tala Caras rescued them from hobgoblins of the Warband

Dean and Carlos Halsmith

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