Duchess Selina del Wuunder


From a distance, this woman represents all the splendor of a Duchess, wearing fine silken robes, jewelry, and an impressive crown. She walks with grace and poise. Up closer, though, once can see that she wears makeup to cover up blotches on her face and hands, and that her age is quite apparent (appearing to be in her mid fifties). She has green eyes and light brown hair, with streaks of grey. It is likely that many of her possessions are magical in nature, but none of them appear immediately dangerous. Of note are the matching amulet and signet ring bearing the symbol of three triangles meeting to create a single large triangle.


First Encounter: Session 5 when the party returned to her the body of her son, Kelvin del Wuunder. The party also got the duke’s ring back from Morrick Oxylut.

Duchess Selina del Wuunder

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