Grekobik Greenwell

Monstrous half-hobgoblin, half-giant praying mantis.


This beast appears to be a giant praying mantis with the top half of a powerful hobgoblin mounted on top, like a monstrous centaur. He has six insectoid legs with a small, vestigial humanoid leg barely protruding at the front. His right arm is entirely humanoid, though his left arm is a mighty green claw, with a small humanoid arm fused to his rib cage. His face is dominated by two mighty mandibles, resulting in slurred speech. He wears black armor bearing the colors of the Greenwell Clan and wields a mighty greatsword. The back of his neck bears a tattoo reading “028”.


First encountered: Session 23 in the company of Meerkin in Lithicopolis. He is a Colonel in the Great Leader’s Warband.

Grekobik Greenwell

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