Jenny Krysa

Her fascination with the Phantom Thief has led her to seek out a life of adventure. Her use of negative energy seems at odds with her insistance to not kill.


She is a human female in her late teens or early twenties. She is lovely, petite woman, with long, light brown hair held back in a pony tail. She has dark brown eyes and rather pale skin. Her ears are large to the point of being almost comical. She wears loose clothing covering most of her body, with a velvet green cloak, golden bracers, and a burgundy vest. When reading, she wears a pair of finely crafted glasses. She carries few possessions, with only a small backpack and a few items attached to her belt, including a sap, a crossbow, and a short sword.


Jenny Krysa lived alone in a small, but fine home in Roche. She is somewhat of an expert on the writings of and about the Phantom Thief, with a large collection of books on the topic filling her bookshelves. She is an effective combatant, though her use of negative energy has resulted in friction with Newton, the party’s Cleric of Pelor, and champion of positive energy.

First Encounter: Before Session 1, in her home in Peloria. She helped Thomas Waynerite learn about what the Phantom Thief may have been up to (if anything) during Thomas’ time of extraplanar imprisonment.

Other Encounters:
- Joined the main party after they returned triumphant after defeating the illithid. She has remained involved in the party ever since.

Interesting Facts:
- She has a half-brother, Benjamin Krysa, with whom she is mostly estranged.
- Though she lived in Peloria when the party met her, it’s apparent she has also spent some time in the Freelands
- In Session 19, it was revealed that she is a were-rat, and she discussed the matter frankly with the party for the first time in Session 20.
- She also has some sort of undead aura which she has discussed secretly with Newton in Session 20.
- She casts arcane spells and uses rogue sneak attack abilities.
- She had a mentor that taught her necromancy.

Jenny Krysa

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