Kelly Palmer


Kelly is a plump, short woman with a proclivity for dab, loose dresses. She keeps her blonde hair in two shoulder-length pigtails. In combat, she wears a shining, unisex breastplate emblazoned with the symbol of Pelor, which she carefully maintains. She carries a light mace, a heavy crossbow, and a heavy steel shield.


First Encounter: Session 14 when the party reunited with Captain John Thorn in the Freelands. She helped the group smuggle Creben Durgard to Kordia.

She is a Cleric of Pelor. She is married to Doug Palmer and a close friend of Marcus Terennis and Steven Lorne.

In Session 20, she reunited with the party aboard the Vertragus after the group was ambushed outside of Swellburg.

Kelly Palmer

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