Kelvin del Wuunder

The psion left behind in the illithid portal


He is a man of average height and unremarkable features. He has short brown hair, a goatee, and sharp black eyes. He wears dull clothing with some items of likely magical power, particularly his golden bracers and headband with a blue opal set in the center. A careful observer will also notice a small crystal that appears to be wandering the interior of his clothing of its own accord.


First Encounter: Before Session 1 when he was a member of the original party. He helped the party escape the illithid stronghold, learn more about the reason for their capture, and assist the Pelorians prepare their defenses against the Minor Illithid Invasion. He then returned to the Illithid Portal to defeat his former captors. When all had ended, though, he tricked the remaining party members into leaving without him. His whereabouts and motives are yet unknown.

Kelvin del Wuunder

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