Marcus Terennis

Goblin Slayer who assisted the party


This man is slightly shorter than average. He has dark orange hair that he keeps cut short, and a thick mustache. He wears his Pelorian Rangers uniform: Earth colored and grimy fabrics with a chain shirt topped with a tunic decorated with a faded symbol of Pelor across the chest. He carries a longbow and a longsword.


First Encountered: Session 3 when he helped fight the orcs. He also retrieved the bodies the party had gotten from the Illithid Portal and took them to Roche after the party had to flee Fericault City.

He’s a Sergeant in Captain John Thorn‘s Goblin Slayers. He’s a long-time friend of Sergeant Doug Palmer and Kelly Palmer.

In Session 14 he reunited with the party in the Freelands. He remained with Captain John when the party helped smuggle Creben Durgard to Kordia and hopefully Peloria from there.

It was revealed in Session 20 that he was captured when the group neared Swellburg, though Kelly managed to escape and was taken to the Vertragus with Captain John, Creben, and Steven Lorne.

Marcus Terennis

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