Alchemist, transmuter, shapechanger?


He appears to be a kobold of average size. He has dark, nearly black scales, with dark blue stripes, the sign of a southern kobold. He wears baggy, blue clothing, making him appear as a mobile blue sack. He doesn’t appear to carry any weapons or magic items.


First Encountered: Session 9, when the party found him chained in a secret room on Le Isla Muerte. He remained with the party, revealing himself to be an alchemist who was forced to tranform the human prisoners (such as Charles) into bugbears. He joined the party into the Cursed Forest, but turned around when it provided an inconvenient challenge and some level of danger. Prior to this, he also revealed that he’s a wizard specializing in transmutations.

Thomas Waynerite also suspects that he’s a shapechanger.

He reunited with the party for a short time in Session 15 when he helped the party and Captain John’s group get Creben Durgard out of the Freelands. He was apparently somehow a trusted member of the Warband by that point.


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