Mother Llewellyn

Mother figure for the residents of Haven. She keeps them safe.


Though once a graceful and venerable female elf, she was betrayed and killed. This forced her to be reborn as a male goblin child.

This goblin boy is tiny, and his left leg is somewhat disfigured, causing him to walk with a limp. He is quite clean and well-groomed, with his hair pulled back in a tight head-knot. He wears courtly robes and a beautiful ruby amulet. He wields no weapons and wears no visible armor. He speaks impeccable elven and common.


First encountered in Session 23 when it was discovered that she is working alongside the Great Leader.

Though there is no official leader of Haven, she is still considered the matriarch. She wields great power, usually for the benefit of innocent other-kin. At least this was all true until it was revealed in Session 23 that she was murdered and usurped by the gnome Roonda. Though she was caught quite by surprise, she was able to use the power of Haven to be reborn before it was too late. Sadly, her powers were greatly diminished, and she was forced to be reborn as a goblin boy with a birth defect.

Mother Llewellyn

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