Xeph working in the stables aboard the EAS Vertragus


She is small, even for the already short xeph. She has dark skin, a short black mohawk, several ear and facial piercings, and a scar on her chin that follows her jawline. She has a charming face, though her features are a bit worn from hard labor, a tough upbringing, and excessive smoking of tobacco. She wears loose trousers, large boots, and a tight tank top, all of which are dirtied from the work in the stables.


First Encountered: Session 20 at the celebration outside the Vertragus. She later convinced Thomas to pick a lock for her and broke into a restricted area on the ship.

Her nickname refers to her job as a child: transporting human waste to public toilets (public pots or p-pots) and occasionally cleaning them if they got clogged.


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