Tanya Moreau

Nobility and Military rolled into one


This woman is a walking mountain. She stands head and shoulders over the average man, and she has the build of a working ox. She is the physical definition of a Kordian woman. Despite this, she wears femanine clothing, made of fine materials as her sign of nobility, though it looks much like one putting a dress on a dresser. In military settings, though, she opts for official military garb, which seems to fit her much more appropriately.


First Encountered: Session 3 when she gave the party a place to stay in Roche when Bee’s life was still in danger.

She lives in Roche, and is a major in the Pelorian military, though her noble heritage traces back to Kordia. She lives alone, with her butler Jenkins and other servants.

She later took custody of Bessie when Bee had to go to Wuunder without her. She reunited with the party in Session 20 aboard the Vertragus.

Tanya Moreau

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