Calvin's Sundisk

Mighty artifact stolen by the illithid(?)


Before the rise and fall of the Arcane Empire, there was a terrible kingdom called Naras-Timal ruled by a mighty and evil lich sorcerer named Halathor. The location of this kingdom has been lost to time, but the recent re-discovery of the once lost Land of Mu across the Western Ocean leads scholars to believe tales that it was there. Naras-Timal was a place of rampant necromancy and undead worship, and the monsters there sought to spread their blasphemy to the good peoples across a great desert.

The Kingdom, Aramen, saw the blackness spreading, and their king called upon the heroes of Pelor to rebuff the undead scourge. The sacred army crossed the desert, led by the great cleric, Calvin (credited for being the first Radiant Servant of Pelor). None returned, though the good people of Aramen were no longer plagued by Halathor and the beings of Naras-Timal.

The undead scourge had apparently been defeated, but Calvin’s niece, Sarah, would not rest easy until she knew if her uncle had succeeded in his quest to defeat Halathor. The following year, she led an army across the desert, intent to find the truth, and finish her uncle’s work if necessary. She found that the entire evil kingdom had been swallowed by the advancing desert, save for a single structure: the Palace of Bones.

Sarah and her Knights entered the palace and found the slain bodies of Calvin’s most powerful warriors, atop slews of destroyed undead abominations. Inside the throne room, Sarah found her uncle, slain face-first upon Halathor’s throne. In his hand was a large, golden disk bearing the image of Pelor. A pile of ash and a broken amulet laid upon the throne as well. Sarah touched the disk and was shown a vision of the final climatic battle.

Calvin stood alone before the mighty sorcerer. His allies had all fallen before reaching the throne room, but the lich king and many of its guardians remained. Calvin appeared defeated as the lich cast a final killing spell. The moment the spell was competed, though, Calvin burst into a blinding white light, destroying all of the lich’s guardians. When he emerged from the radiance, he was holding the disk with both hands, pointing it at the throne. It was clearly a divine gift from Pelor himself. The lich king remained and it continued its onslaught. The two foes let loose blasts of energy so great they tore at the walls of the throne room. As the dust settled, only Calvin remained, and the lich was reduced to a pile of dust before Pelor’s might. Calvin stumbled to the throne and sifted for a short time through the dust of the defeated sorcerer, and produced an amulet. With a swift strike, he broke the amulet upon the throne. He then lurched forward and expired.

Sarah and her knights returned the bodies of the fallen heroes to Aramen, along with Calvin’s Sundisk. Calvin was posthumously made a saint, and the disk was declared a religious artifact. Sarah herself earned sainthood for her victories over the Gallwiers and Trivolds, though that’s a story for another time. Following her death, Sarah of Aramen’s descendants kept the Sundisk through many pilgrimages and hardships until the rise of the Arcane Empire. It was lost during the height of the Summoning Wars, and Sarah’s line was believed to have ended.

In the year 1080, though, a man named Wallace Roche claimed to be the only remaining descendant of Sarah of Aramen. He carried Calvin’s Sundisk and led faithful Pelorans out of the Gold Kingdom and into the lands South of the Luminous Mountains. He was a beloved member of the community, known for his generosity and faith in Pelor, and he had many children, guaranteeing Sarah’s line would continue to live on. After his death, they named the city he built Roche, to honor his memory. In 1189, Roche officially became a part of Peloria during the consolidation of the Southern Peloran peoples.

Calvin’s Sundisk has remained a part of Roche’s history ever since, and the city’s High Priest acts as its custodian. It has been carried many times in the intervening years into battle and on diplomatic missions, but it has always returned to Roche. Though the people are rightfully distraught by its recent disappearance, they are confident that as long as one of Sarah of Aramen’s descendants lives, it will be returned safely.

Fun fact: Why have Newton and/or the High Priest not been excommunicated or seriously penalized for losing a priceless artifact? That’s because in the past nearly 1000 years, it has been lost or stolen a whopping 137 times! This has caused religious scholars to joke that it is actually a Fharlanghn artifact, since it insists upon traveling.

This is also the reason for the founding of the Calvinguard Knights. While they serve many interests of Peloria, their greatest responsibility is tracking down and retrieving Calvin’s Sundisk when it inevitably wanders off. If Newton would like to find it, they may have some insights. Prior to leaving Roche, he would have been questioned by one of their order on the circumstances of its disappearance, so he knows who to talk to if he wants any leads (this contact’s name is Lawrence Vimms). Because this is a matter of honor for the person that lost the Sundisk, the Knights may be willing to give Newton the privilege of returning it, should they locate it first.

Calvin's Sundisk

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