Crimson Fist

Elite death squad of the Iron Kingdom.

They were dispatched to find and possibly kill Bee and any of his associates (referenced in Session 14). In Session 21, the party witnessed their leader, Salvation, kill Doug Palmer, Marcus Terennis, and several others in a horrible ceremony. The exact occurrence is detailed in The Fate of Doug Palmer.

Like so many things, the Crimson Fist was a product of the Summoning Wars. The Iron Kingdom needed a group that specialized in tracking down and destroying summoners and demons hiding amongst their own population, so they trained elite paladins, clerics, and rogues to identify them. These demon hunters became experts in tracking, infiltration, and execution. Their unswerving loyalty and reputation for quick and effective results earned them great praise from the King. They were dubbed the Crimson Fist of the King. Due to their great abilities, they were soon deployed behind enemy lines, where they could bring justice to the mages themselves.

After the fall of the Jade Empire, the Crimson Fist returned to their original post of rooting out mages and demons within the Iron Kingdom. Their tactics, though, had become quite brutal, and they earned the ire of the King and People on several occasions for their unilateral judgments. Since they had not technically broken any laws and they had been operating under royal decree, though, they could not be tried for their actions. The King still declared them heretics and broke official ties with them. Without direction, the Crimson Fist’s activities seemed to cease, and they faded from history for nearly a century.

When the Iron Kingdom, Myria, and Kordia began their Crusades in the 12th century, the Crimson Fist returned, having apparently never disbanded. They gained attention when they began touting their leader, who they called “Salvation”, as some sort of holy scion. Because of this perceived blasphemy, they were hunted just as any other cult in the Iron Kingdom. They had apparently maintained their elite training practices, though, because the forces sent to destroy them were wiped out. Assassination attempts were just as ineffectual.

Finally, in 880, King Dalacus called Salvation to speak to him in person. When Salvation arrived in Brassrings City, though, he was arrested and sentenced to death. His final words were “Though I die here today, Salvation lives on. Salvation shall always serve the Iron Kingdom and all the people of this world, until there be no more sin. Do not seek me beyond this earthly realm, for the fate of all men of the Crimson Fist is damnation. For our hubris, that we dare to bring Salvation to the undeserving, we are rewarded damnation.”

After his death, one thousand men marched upon Brassrings City bearing the symbol of the Crimson Fist. As the royal guard prepared to battle them, all 1000 men committed suicide outside the walls. Each of the bodies had a sheaf of paper with the words “Dalacus is forgiven.” King Dalacus died of unknown causes that night.

Exactly one year later, the Crimson Fist returned to the Crusades, once again swearing loyalty to Salvation. The new King, Gregory, called the new “Salvation” to Brassrings City, but this time granted him the audience his predecessor had promised and denied. They spoke in private, and Salvation left unmolested. Since then, the Kings have declared no official action against the Crimson Fist, nor has the Crimson Fist acted within Brassrings City. They continue to battle the demonic forces that threaten humanity to this very day.

Someone seeking to learn more about the Crimson Fist would do well to know that they operate out of a fortress in the Iron Mountains called The Cradle. Lord and Lady Tallon are rumored to be financiers, Sir Andrew Cross owns the land on which The Cradle resides, and Lord Mollock has gloated about assisting the Crimson Fist on many occasions (all are nobility in the Iron Kingdom). The Crimson Fist also has many enemies, though most notably are the Knights of the Iron Crest (from the Iron Kingdom), and the Demonbane Shield (Myria). The Shield also has the noted honor of being the crusaders that killed Thomas’ parents.

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Crimson Fist

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