Cold, wild lands to the far North of the Continent, bordered to the South by Kordia and the East by the Arcane Empire, separated by the Great Grey Mountains. The Freelands are the home to many other-kin that were cast away from the rest of the human-centric lands of the continent. It is a brutal and cruel land.

Capitol: None
Government Organization: Variety. The Freelands are ruled by whomever can gain strength.
Religion(s): Most religions are practised, and non-human racial deities have the greatest following here.
War: The Freelands are plagued by expansionist warlords and regular race wars. The Great Leader with the hobgoblin Warband are a rather powerful example of this. Since borders are rarely drawn for long, bloodshed is the day-to-day. Kordia also provides a regular source of conflict.
Views on Non-humans: Friendly(ish). The Freelands are where a lot of non-humans can go to be “free”. Despite its reputation as a dumping-ground for other-kin, the Freelands is actually home for a significant human population (or was until the Great Leader instituted a mass genocide of the “Free Men”).
Views on Arcane Magic: Indifferent. The Freelands play host to a variety of creeds. It really depends on who has power at the moment (and an intelligent warlord will know the power of casters of any sort).
Interesting notes: The Freelands are largely “uninhabitable”, though that doesn’t stop a number of humanoids from trying. The poorest and most subjugated of humanoids eke out an existence here out of necessity. It’s in these lands where one discovers that humans are not the only ones that judge a person by his or her race.

Other population centers include: Canistooth, Lithicopolis, Haven, and Illrethien
Other geographical features include: The Cursed Forest and the Dragonrange Mountains
Other people include: Thomas Waynerite, Aulara, and Mother Llewellyn

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