Peloria is the religious center of the religion of Pelor.

Capitol: Pela, where the Supreme Pontiff of Pelor resides and provides spiritual leadership for Followers of Pelor continent-wide.
Government Organization: Parliamentary Theocracy (Church of Pelor) headed by council of Clerics. Subordinate positions held by mostly nobles and/or members of the church. The Supreme Pontiff holds no official control over the government, but his opinions are held in very high regard.
Religion(s): Primarily Church of Pelor. Other religions can be practiced as long as they don’t break Pelorian secular laws and they pay tribute to the church of Pelor.
War: Currently at war with the Iron Kingdom, Yurian (Gold Duchy), and Vaneo (Gold Duchy). The allies against Peloria occupy the land North of the Luminous Mountains, including Pela. Peloria has loose alliances with Valcoria and the Arcane Empire. It has a growing military due to the necessity of war. It is now split into Occupied and Free Peloria, with Roche as the acting capitol of the latter. It is also suffering an unusual influx of belligerent orcs from the Wildlands.
Views on Non-humans: Unfriendly. Non-humans cannot own land and are not afforded the freedoms of humans. Large populations of non-humans are forced into the Wildlands or Valcoria. Genocide and slavery are frowned upon and officially illegal. Dwarves and half-elves are treated neutrally and have some rights, though not all. Some citizens are becoming vocal about non-human rights and integration. These views are still not accepted, but they are no longer treated with hostility.
Views on Arcane Magic: Formerly hostile, now neutral. Arcane magic has been growing quiet popularity for decades. Since the war broke out, Peloria is becoming more friendly with arcane casters.
Interesting notes: Peloria is steadily becoming more progressive in terms of religious freedom, arcane use, and even non-human rights. The Iron Kingdom’s war has intensified these progressive views in many, though it has also polarized the county. Also, technically the land under the Iron Kingdom’s (and her allies’) control are still officially part of Peloria. The war is being billed as a “cleansing” of the arcane fiends and non-human demons that have infiltrated. It’s fairly transparent, though, that the Gold Duchies involved have no intention of relinquishing control.

Other population centers include: Fericault City, Soliel, and Sonne
Other geographic features include: The River of Light and the Sol River
Other people include: Newton, Jenny Krysa, Lady Tanya Moreau, and Captain John Thorn

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