Note: “AE” stands for “Arcane Era”, while “DE” stands for “Divine Era”

Historical Timeline:

3000+ AE Founding of the Arcane Empire
115 AE: Founding of the Iron Kingdom around Brassrings City and the beginning of the Summoning Wars
0 DE: Invasion of Trantor and execution of Emperor Kalipis. Arcane Empire fragments into the Catallan Empire around Hormul City and the Jade Empire around Wuunder.
10 DE Founding of Myria around Trantor
756 DE Jade Empire falls
855 DE Foundation of the Gold Kingdom around Wuunder
988 DE Invasion of Hormul City. Catallan (Arcane) Empire reforms around Terminus City
990 DE Consolidation of the Plains Warriors into Kordia around Hormul City
1000 DE Designation of the Freelands for other-kin in the Northern Territories
1146 DE Consolidation of the Merchant Families into Valcoria around Portsmouth
1189 DE Consolidation of the Southern Peloran Peoples into Peloria around Pela
1966 DE Fragmentation of the Gold Kingdom into the Gold Duchies

Campaign Timeline:

October, 2068 DE: Thomas Waynerite, Newton, and Kelvin del Wuunder captured by illithid.
December 8th, 2071 DE: Party escapes to Peloria via the Illithid Portal
December 14th, 2071 DE: Jenny Krysa is introduced.

January 12th, 2072 DE: Illithid army (mostly goblins and ogres) discovered in the Luminous Mountains and travelling to Pela, beginning the Minor Illithid Invasion.
January 20th, 2072 DE: Calvin’s Sundisk is stolen from Newton.
January 23rd, 2072 DE: Party returns to the illithid prison ship to defeat the leaders.
January 28th, 2072 DE: Pelorian military, along with githzerai and allies from the Arcane Empire defeat the illithid army.
January 30th, 2072 DE: The Iron Kingdom invades Peloria, beginning the Pelorian Cleansing War

February 21st, 2072 DE: Party (minus Kelvin) returns to Peloria, discovering their trip has been much longer than percieved. Bertrum Broke, Bee, and Captain John Thorn are introduced.
February 22nd, 2072 DE: Brog is eaten alive
February 24th, 2072 DE: Party returns to Roche and meets Lady Tanya Moreau

March 2nd, 2072 DE: Party travels to Wuunder via the plane of shadows along with Jenny and meets the Duchess Selina del Wuunder.
March 4th, 2072 DE: Party encounters Morrick Oxylut
March 12th, 2072 DE: Party sets off via ship to the Freelands
March 19th, 2072 DE: Party fights for freedom on Le Isla Muerte and meets Meerkin
March 29th, 2072 DE: Party arrives in Swellburg

April 4th, 2072 DE: Party reaches the Cursed Forest
April 7th, 2072 DE: Lieutenant Greenwell found dead and party meets Fierna, Aulara and Terra
April 8th, 2072 DE: Party reunites with Captain John and his crew
April 14th, 2072 DE: Party gives Bee to the Great Leader’s forces

April 19th, 2072 DE: Party rescues Bee and is taken to the Vertragus
April 30th, 2072 DE: Haven is destroyed and Bert leaves party for Vertragus
May 4th, 2072 DE Newton visits the Corpsecrafter and Bee killed by the Crimson Fist. Introduce Imperious
May 7th, 2072 DE Newton dismembered and loses spellcasting for sins
May 12th, 2072 DE Havenites reach elven lands

May 13th, 2072 DE Imperious removes astral bodaks from Thomas and Newton
May 16th, 2072 DE Newton sets off to Peloria to atone for sins


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