After the Summoning Wars

Session 19

Narrow Escape and Discoveries

  • Thomas throws the ring bearing the silence effect at the drow wizard, hoping to stem his ability to cast.
  • Bert casts grease on Bee, allowing him to escape the black tentacles with ease.
  • Jenny becomes visible again, revealing she has also been captured by the tentacles.
  • Thomas reaches the wall below the crevace, and Newton casts wall of stone, protecting the party members below.
  • Bee climbs the wall and crawls behind the party, only to discover that the priestess and three of her defenders have appeared behind them.
  • Bert greases Jenny to allow her escape, and Thomas climbs the wall to join the rest.
  • Bert and Newton hear the priestess behind them casting, and Bert realizes that she has formed an abjuration to prevent any teleportation.
  • Bee attempts to fight her as her henchmen fire crossbows at him and the Blue, the later of which is left unconscious from their poison.
  • Newton, Bee and Thomas exit the crawlspace as Jenny reaches the party, and they face the priestess in combat.
  • At this point, the portal they used to flank the party is visible as a semi-ethereal tunnel walled with gently undulating webbing.
  • The sounds of a horrible creature issue from its depths…
  • The fight rages, as Bert and Jenny are unable (or unwilling) to climb out of the crawl space, and the rest of the party struggles to kill the priestess in order to end the abjuration
  • Just before being felled, the priestess shapes the stone at the opening of the crawl space, separating the party.
  • Jenny and Bert fend off some drow that finally scaled the wall Newton formed, while Bee, Newton, and Thomas face a more sinister foe.
  • A large, ghoul-like creature emerges from the webbed portal and attack one of the remaining drow.
  • Bee tries to break the wall separating the party, while Newton and Thomas ineffectually fire several bolts of dismissal at the creature.
  • The creature pins and kills the drow and advances on the party.
  • Meanwhile, Jenny becomes overwhelmed by the attacking drow, and transforms into her wererat haybrid form for the first time.
  • She ferociously attacks and kills one of the drow.
  • Bert does what he can to wake the Blue, but fails and instead moves toward the wall where Bee is breaking through to unite the party.
  • Just as Bee breaks a hole in the wall, the monster grabs and begins to pin him.
  • Bert tries to get the party together so they can make a chain and dimension door out of trouble.
  • Jenny casts vampiric touch, marking the first time she uses necromancy since Newton forbade her in the Cursed Forest.
  • Just as the party forms a chain for dimension door, the creature drains Bee of all his wisdom, leaving him unconscious.
  • Bert casts the spell, and the party emerges on the surface, where the horses had been hidden, only to find the horses gone and the position secured by the hobgoblins.
  • The construct demands their surrender, and the party is unable to resist in their weakened state.
  • It orders Thomas to tie up the conscious members, which he does to the best of his ability. Jenny vanishes before he gets to her, upsetting the construct
  • The construct grapples Thomas and deals nonlethal damage to him until Jenny emerges from invisibility and attacks.
  • Fearing that the construct will kill her, Thomas joins the fight.
  • Just when it seems that this is a no-win scenario, the hobgoblins stationed on the hill above are blasted with several fireballs
  • Newton and Bert immediately break their binds, while Jenny and Thomas assault the construct.
  • They focus their energies on the construct, as the hobgoblins are mostly distracted by the hippogriff-riding assailants that had launched the fireballs.
  • Thomas is badly injured and falls back, only to be dropped by a stray arrow.
  • The construct is finally brought down, and the hobgoblins are routed by the flying cavalry.
  • Bert feeds a curing potion to Thomas, bringing him back to consciousness.
  • Bert flees to the trees, while Newton drags Bee to safety.
  • Jenny, though, grapples Thomas, much to his surprise, and kisses him. Her mouth is freezing cold, so much to as to injure Thomas slightly.
  • She releases him and wanders to the corpses of the fallen hobgoblins.
  • Thomas follows her after a short while to get her to regroup with the others, only to find her feasting on the corpse of one of the fallen goblinoids.
  • He gives her some time and leads her back to the others. She seems to be ina bit of a daze.
  • Bert convinces her to return to human form, as she would likely be in danger if others found her this way.
  • The party heals up their wounds until the mounted cavalry land and address them.
  • The leader of the three intruduces herself as Commander Tala Caras.
  • She claims their military unit was performing drills in the area when they were ordered to seek out the party.
  • She asks the party to join her at their nearby base and speak with her commanding officer, Captain Sven Striker.
  • They learn that the military unit is actually a privately operated force under Lord Bluemont of the Arcane Empire.
  • The party follows Caras and her men to her base. They reach a ridge over a valley and discover that the “base” is actually a large airship. The party is truly stunned.


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