After the Summoning Wars

Session 28

The Lich

  • Knowing they are too weak to challenge the Corpsecrafter, Newton, Thomas, and Bee choose to remain at camp for the rest of the night and approach in the morning.
  • As the sun rises, Newton prepares his spells and the party sets out to see if they can rescue Jenny from her own mistakes.
  • As they approach the walls of the town, they spot the bug-like thri-kreen looking down at them.
  • The thri-kreen are reluctant to allow them to enter, but Thomas convinces them they have something to trade.
  • When the gates open, the party notices that zombified thri-kreen are opening them.
  • Other zombies emerge into view, along with living members. They are surprisingly docile, suggesting they are being controlled somehow.
  • The party climbs some steps to the town center, where they meet the thri-kreen cleric of Wee-Jas.
  • It tries to get them to go away, but Newton insists upon viewing their temple.
  • The party enters and notices several crucified thri-kreen inside.
  • During their stay near the crucified members, Newton notices the deadly aura surrounding him and Thomas kills the weakened creatures.
  • They are followed by powerful looking thri-kreen as they enter.
  • The cleric enters, followed by a troll skeleton. It continues to try to get them to leave.
  • Bee catches Jenny’s scent, and the cleric accidentally indicates thet she might be in a nearby hut.
  • The party demands entry, but the cleric set the surrounding thri-kreen to attacking them.
  • Several of their assailants are undead called necropolitans, many of which Newton destroys in a single greater turning.
  • The thri-kreen are formidable, but Newton and Thomas dispatch them fairly quickly. Bee opts not to fight during the engagement.
  • Nonetheless, the cleric manages to summon a pair of wraiths that nearly kill Newton.
  • He is saved, surprisingly, by one of the living thri-kreen, which dies shortly thereafter to the troll skeleton after the cleric falls.
  • The party moves quickly to the nearby hut and Thomas peeks inside.
  • He sees a strange creature that seems to be the head of a hairless woman connected to the torso of a thri-kreen and the tail of a giant snake where legs would be.
  • Newton identifies this as a wight named Chimmetz, a creature Jenny knew during her stay with Father Craddock.
  • Along with Chimmetz is Jenny in hybrid form, staring blankly.
  • The party enters, and Chimmetz begins to sing a haunting tune.
  • They quickly realize it is trying to sap their strength, so they attack.
  • Bee is badly drained of energy by the wight’s draining strikes, but he manages to deal enough damage to cause it to flee.
  • Thomas tries to shake some sense into Jenny, but quickly realizes she was an illusion.
  • Newton heals Bee of his strength damage and energy drain.
  • The party returns to the temple and enter the catacombs below, where Bee claims to be following her scent.
  • Once there, Newton falls into a deep pit trap.
  • Before the party can figure out how to get him out, he’s accosted by Sliven.
  • He does his best to attack and defend in turn, but Sliven once again bests him, draining him of almost all his strength.
  • Thomas and Bee do what they can from above, but Sliven seems perched to finish Newton off for good.
  • Just then, though, Father Craddock emerges from a nearby door and orders Sliven to cease.
  • After the sinister shadow flees, Thomas climbs into the pit, helps Newton remove his heavy armor, and the two climb out.
  • Craddock invites them into his workshop where he’s stitching together a two-headed ghoul.
  • The demand to see Jenny, but Craddock insists on discussing the merits of undeath and the Naras-Timal first.
  • Thomas asks if the Havenite refugees are in any danger from him or his minions.
  • Craddock reveals that he knows of a force from the Warband setting out to destroy the refugees, bu insists that his own “people” are of no danger.
  • He also reveals that in the intervening 5 years since Jenny left him, he has become a lich, and spent a time-dilated stay in the negative energy plane of 30 years.
  • Craddock convinces Thomas to hold still for a spell, which was a mistake, as he implants a dangerous necrotic cyst in him
  • When Thomas demands an explanation, he treats it as “insurance”
  • Finally, the fully-armored Horresbin enters and takes the party to see Jenny, who is this time fully human, alongside Chimmetz.
  • She’s terrified to see the party, insisting she was fine and they were only endangering themselves by coming after her.
  • Newton and Thomas scold her for running off without speaking to them first.
  • Craddock presents the party with an offer: leave Newton behind for one evening so they may catch up, and he will destroy the hobgoblins threatening the refugees.
  • Newton agrees, but Jenny believes Craddock will try to turn Newton into one of his undead.
  • Craddock assures her of Newton’s safety by stating “I assure you, Jennifer, our friend Newton shall leave this place come tomorrow morning in one piece and with all of his bodily functions as they are now. Only he may choose otherwise.”
  • This seems to satisfy the party enough that they leave without him.
  • See Dinner with a Lich for the continued story between sessions.


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