After the Summoning Wars

Session 30

The Crimson Gloaming

  • Thomas follows the disembodied hand, trying to remain hidden
  • He notices the sound of wolves closing in behind him, so he moves quickly
  • The hand stops, and he hears a voice belonging to Finn Cyrus, claiming to be a friend.
  • Cyrus leads Thomas further away, where he meets the cleric’s companions:
  • Thomas asks their help in rescuing Bee from the Crimson Fist
  • Imperious reveals that JouJou has been watching Bee via divinations, and informs him that Bee is already dead.
  • The leader, Salvation had completed his wicked prayer, and Bee died only minutes ago.
  • Thomas rages at the strangers, claiming they stopped him from saving his friend
  • Imperious insists that it had been he and his companions that had held the Crimson Fist at bay for so long, and it was inevitable
  • Before they can argue any further, the Wolf Squad emerges from the brush a few dozen feet away
  • Imperious casts web, capturing most of the cavalry, but allowing the wolves themselves to charge forward
  • Ursum, Cyrus, and Thomas attack from range, while Prince Wayal instructs JouJou to not get involved.
  • The wolves die easily, and the cavalrymen eventually get free and charge in
  • Wayal eventually wades into melee, skillfully dodging blows as if dancing around
  • Once Wayal is struck by one of the warriors, JouJou springs into action and killes the attacker in a single blow with her fist.
  • Meanwhile, one of the cavalrymen threatens Cyrus, causing him to fall back
  • Thomas accidentally strikes him with a fully charged mind blade, badly injuring him
  • Thomas slinks away, not willing to admit his mistake
  • The remaining cavalry are defeated, and Cyrus and Imperious search for the hidden attacker
  • Thomas admits to his mistake, but Imperious wonders if it was in fact an accident or an attempted assassination
  • Imperious asks Thomas where he can find Newton, and Thomas tells him about leaving him with the Corpsecrafter
  • Imperious asks him to remain with them so he can perform experiments related to his exraplanar travel
  • Thomas treats this request with suspicion and demands to see Bee’s body to prove he’s been killed, and maybe collect his belongings
  • Imperious insists it’s too dangerous, but Cyrus convinces him to allow Thomas to check
  • The group returns to the scene of the capture and execution and find some of the Crimson Fist guarding the spot.
  • The guards are easily dispatched, but the only items Thomas finds are the small wooden house Bee found and an opal.
  • It seems the other Crimson Fist warriors have moved on.
  • Imperious once again insists upon finding a safe location before discussing any more, and Thomas finally agrees to join him
  • He teleports the group to an old dilapidated mansion somewhere to the North.
  • Imperious explains that he will need Thomas and Newton to submit to harmless experimentation.
  • Thomas insists upon protecting the refugees before anything else.
  • After some discussion, Imperious agrees to provide his services in exchange for Thomas’ (and Newton’s) assistance in future endevors
  • Thomas reluctantly signs the contract Imperious provides.


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