After the Summoning Wars

Session 34

The Tense Trail

  • The night proceeds without any major disruptions, despite the undead army looming just over the hill
  • The next morning, Newton prays for spells as usual, but realizes he’s lost his divine connection, and he knows that he is being punished for accepting the astral bodak’s power
  • Jenny asks Newton if he’s ready to cure her of her undead affliction, and he admits he cannot without Pelor’s assistance
  • She is distraught, but does not blame him
  • Meanwhile, Thomas gets news from Commander Yelonder’s scouts that the undead are still blocking their way West
  • Thomas asks Prince Wayal where Imperious and Cyrus are, and he “guesses” in the Gold Duchies at his sister’s request
  • With Fierna gone, Imperious and Cyrus missing, and Newton unable to cast spells or turn undead (not to mention still missing a leg), combat with the undead appears suicidal
  • Thomas discusses ways to engage in diplomacy with the undead.
  • As arguments rage about how such diplomacy can occur, Chimmetz surmounts the Western hill with a few servitors
  • They set up a small table, indicating a diplomatic conversation.
  • Thomas asks Newton and Jenny to remain behind, as they are likely targets if Chimmetz makes a move
  • Father Tranaleigh offers to join Thomas, knowing he may be able to assist in diplomacy and/or fending off undead
  • The two set out to meet with Chimmetz
  • Newton asksJouJou to use her divinations to listen in, and Wayal allows it, though he deliberately keeps her distracted with his own requests for the duration just to be spiteful
  • Chimmetz claims to be awaiting orders fromCraddock to kill the refugees
  • Thomas asks what they can do to persuade the undead to leave
  • Chimmetz claims that Craddock is negotiating with the Great Leader, and their fate will be decided by those negotiations
  • Thomas queries further
  • Chimmetz claims that if Thomas would kill Newton himself, she would call the army away.
  • Thomas refuses.
  • Chimmetz asks about Jenny and tells Thomas to relay a message to her: She will be home soon and she will be getting a gift for her birthday.
  • Thomas, seeing there’s nothing left he can hope to accomplish, asks that she at least inform him if the decision is made to leave the refugees alone
  • Chimmetz agrees, then suddenly attacks Tranaleigh
  • The cleric keeps Chimmetz and her ghoul companions busy, allowing Thomas to flee
  • Before their allies can come to the rescue Tranaleigh is killed and turned into a wight, and Chimmetz escapes
  • Thomas tells the others of the ongoing negotiations with the Great Leader, and that in the next few hours they will either be fighting for their lives, or free of the undead.
  • He also relays Chimmetz’s message to Jenny. She and Newton fear that it is a warning that she will be fully undead by her 20th birthday (2 months)
  • Time passes, and the scouts eventually report that the undead are moving away.
  • Despite this good sign, the decision is made to remain in a defensible position for the night.
  • Newton heads to bed early, but Thomas and Jenny have a question for him.
  • Upon entering his tent, they find JouJou kneeling beside his sleeping body. She vanishes as soon as they enter.
  • They tell Newton, but are unable to determine the reason for her vigil.
  • The next day, the scouts once again report that the undead have fallen back.
  • The refugees head out West. As it stands, they have tentative peace with both the Great Leader and the Corpsecrafter, but they are still on edge.
  • Prince Wayal takes this opportunity to flirt with Jenny for some time, sending JouJou away so she doesn’t cramp his style
  • Newton takes this opportunity with her alone to speak with her.
  • He asks her a number of questions, but she only answers a few.
    • She was born in Carma, and trained from an early age to be Prince Wayal’s protector
    • Prince Wayal gave her the name JouJou
    • She is wholly devoted to protecting the Prince
    • She may be given orders from his older sister, the Princess Carolina, but will otherwise only take orders from the Prince.
    • She never reveals who or what she really is, or why she is bound to the Prince
  • Newton never asks her why she was watching him the night before.
  • During the day’s travels, the refugees are greeted by one of their friendly caravans, the Preston Family, including Brian, Patricia, and Mama P.
  • Thomas is happy to be reunited with his friends.
  • As night falls, the refugees make camp a few miles East of the first major Warband encampment they will need to pass in order to enter elven lands
  • Newton lays down to sleep, but is awakened by JouJou entering his tent.
  • It quickly becomes apparent she intends to get intimate, though her motivations are unclear.
  • Despite this, Newton give in to her charms


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