Someone in the Freelands is collecting dead bodies. A lot of them.


All you see is a medium-sized humanoid figure in a dark cloak.


First Encountered: Session 15, when it was seen with two huge constructs piling bodies in the middle of a far away town after the town was attacked by the Warband. It was first named in Session 20, though.

This being has been collecting bodies in the Freelands after major battles for approximately a decade. Rare sightings suggest that the corpses are being cobbled together to make more powerful and horrible monstrosities (thus the name). So far, there’s been no undead army sweeping across the land, but Newton doesn’t like the implications.

It’s revealed in Session 27 that the Corpsecrafter is a necromancer previously known by both Newton and Jenny, named Timothy Craddock. He was a terrible villain for Newton, but a savior for Jenny.


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