The fiery elf druid of Haven


This female true elf has long, wild, red hair which she lets flow freely down and over her shoulders. She wears a long, form-fitting dress of warm colors, cut below her shoulders. Her skin is often a lively pink, and her face, shoulders, and breasts are marked with freckles (rare for a true elf). Her features are sharp and expressive, and her eyes have a fiery orange tint to them, from the correct angle. She appears young, though her elf heritage makes her age difficult to guess. She wears fine jewelry, particularly an orange opal set in a gold pendant, which she wears draped upon her breasts. She carries a red cherry-wood quarterstaff. On occasion she can be seen in the company of a fearsome fire elemental, though it is rare, as the creature is a danger to those around her.


Fierna is one of Mother Llewellyn‘s three handmaidens, along with Aulara and Terra. Since Mother Llewellyn has become more absorbed in her studies, Fierna has taken on the task of maintaining and leading Haven’s defenses.

First Encountered: Session 12 when she tried to kill the party, with particular focus on Thomas Waynerite and Newton


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