Cruel right-hand ghoul of the Corpsecrafter


The face is clearly that of Sherlock, but the ghoulish appearance is sickening. His strong chin and prominent cheek bones are unchanged, but his nose and lips have all but rotted away, revealing cruel, shark-like teeth. His curly black hair has vanished, leaving behind a mottled scalp, and his ears look to have been chewed away, with only twisted flaps of loose skin remaining. Finally, a dark, deep brand dominates the center of his forehead. It’s a simple mark made of a circle bisected by a single diagonal line. Newton recognizes this immediately as the brand of the damned, forbidding him from ever entering hallowed ground. He glares through black, sunken eyes, with a hint of blue flame deep within.


First encountered in Session 28 performing services for the Corpsecrafter. He is one of the Corpsecrafter’s many undead companions, though he has also proven to have an agenda of his own. He is also the current incarnation of one of Newton’s old friends, Brother Sherlock.


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