After the Summoning Wars

Session 32

Counterstrike by the Half-Fiends

  • The party learns that the refugees were attacked while they were gone
  • Flying cavalry appeared and disappeared in a cloud of smoke, killing the elven rangers with surprise attacks
  • While Thomas asks Fierna for details, Prince Wayal and JouJou fly in from the North bearing the unconscous body of one of the cavalrymen
  • Thomas suggests torturing him for information, but Newton insists on less violent means
  • Imperious offers magical divination, but remains quiet about his means
  • Thomas and Newton argue with him further about his secrets and the nature of his contract, but in the end, nothing is resolved
  • Imperious takes the prisoner away from the camp and gives Prince Wayal some querstions to ask while Imperious uses detect thoughts
  • Much to Imperious’ surprise, Wayal immediately begins torturing the prisoner as an aid to the interrogation
  • Some of the questions about the cavalry and their tactics are answered before Newton arrives and stops the torture
  • Imperious proposes diplomacy with the leader of the batallion, believing they can come to some arrangement
  • He uses sending to contact the commander, Schrivendil Redfang, and demands a parlay, threatening to kill the remaining batallion if she refuses
  • The commander responds angrily, seemingly in defiance of the request
  • Imperious assures the others she’ll show, though
  • As night falls, the encampment prepares for yet another assault
  • As expected, they are attacked. Thomas recognizes the cloud of smoke as a nightmare, transporting the attackers through the ethereal plane
  • Newton and Ursum rush to assist, but the attackers vanish before being fully defeated
  • Thomas rushes to another large concentration of refugees, guessing they’ll be attacked next
  • He’s correct, and the party (sans Imperious) manages to engage the attackers.
  • Aulara manages to capture the half-fiend leader before she can escape
  • Newton hurries to help some of the injured refugees, but stops himself when he realizes his astral bodak may kill more than he can save.
  • He watches sadly as the few healers among the refugees do what they can to stabalize the dying.
  • All told, over 50 of the innocent refugees die in the onslaught, infuriating Thomas.
  • The next day, Imperious attempts to call four ghaele, knowing they will be a formidable fighting force in the event of combat
  • With help from Cyrus, he prepares four magic circles, dimensional anchors, and other wards to keep the eldarin captive
  • He also surrounds his work area with a large stone wall to prevent potentially disasterous disruption
  • Each casting of planar binding fails to call the ghaele, though, as each one resists the initial call.
  • Frustrated, Imperious falls back on his single available casting of lesser planar binding to call upon a bralani eldarin.
  • Finally, this lesser outsider answers his call and accepts his proposal: assist and protect him during negotiations to save the refugees
  • Cyrus casts another sending at Imperious’s request, moving the agreed upon meeting location, in order to avoid any ambush Commander Schrivendil may have prepared.
  • He also mentions her captured half-fiend sister and uses her has furhter leverage
  • Once again, Schrivendil responds defiantly
  • Nonetheless, Impeious, Thomas, Newton, Urusm , and the bralani teleport to the new meeting location
  • Ursum and Thomas find hiding places, while the others remain visible
  • After about half an hour, two constructs and three half-fiends suddenly appear via teleport
  • They do not speak, so Imperious steps forward and introduces himself
  • As he does so, though, everyone present realizes these beings are actually illusions.
  • Ursum notices the distinct visible distortion caused by invisibility far above them.
  • Before Imperious can respond, a bone devil emerges flying above them and casts dimensional anchor on him.
  • Ursum and Thomas respond with attacks, but do little to harm the creature. The bralani sets up a wind wall, hoping to stop any ranged attacks
  • A flying construct also emerges and attacks the bralani with ray of enfeeblement
  • Newton banishes the bone devil expertly, and Imperious casts glitterdust, revealing the two invisible creatures near the construct.
  • The fight is on!


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