Arcane Empire

Officially called the Catallan Empire, the Arcane Empire once spanned the entire continent, but the Summoning Wars, spurred on largely by the irresponsible summoning of extraplanar creatures by mages, resulted in a response by the divine powers of the continent. Now, the Arcane Empire is a weakened foe, having been confined to the cold North-West of the continent.

Capitol: Terminus City
Government Organization: Parliamentary Monarchy. The Emperor is mostly treated as a figurehead with a ruling council of Mages holding most of the political power.
Religion(s): Most religions are allowed, though those with the magic domain are preferred (particularly the Church of Boccob). Divine casters rarely hold any power.
War: The Arcane Empire is technically at war with the rest of the continent at all times. The Iron Kingdom is the only nation that takes this status seriously, though. Myria and Kordia maintain unfriendly relations, though warlike actions are rare and mild. The Arcane Empire has mutually beneficial relations with Valcoria, parts of the Gold Duchies, and recently Peloria.
Views on Non-humans: Indifferent. Non-humans are afforded few rights under Arcane laws, but they are allowed to own land and integrate in most parts. Some non-humans hold political power.
Views on Arcane Magic: They love it.
Interesting notes: The Arcane Empire remains fairly mysterious and sinister to most of the other nations. Their economy and military is believed to be fairly weak, particularly due to their lack of natural resources and trade options. They do maintain trade with smugglers from Valcoria and the Gold Duchies, though.

Other geographical features include: the Great Grey Mountains, the Meandering Mountains, the Fork Mountains, the Iron Mountains, and the Blasted Peninsula
Other people include: Bertrum Broke and Professor Farnsworth

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Arcane Empire

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